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Are you going to Beijing for a business trip and need a Chinese interpreter or Chinese translator for your business meetings, negotiations, seminars, site visits and maybe personal shopping?

Look no further, Chinese Translation Pro has been the most trusted professional Chinese Interpretation and Translation services provider in Beijing and in North America.

Chinese Translation Pro's Chinese interpreters in Beijing have post graduate diplomes and speak Mandarin Chinese as native language and work in English, Spanish, French and Dutch. We serve the Beijing based foreign firms and international business travellers. Our Beijing clients include Microsoft, United Airlines, Lufthansa among others.

We routinely assist North American business visitors on diverse issues such as site visits, sourcing, business negotiation and personal tour by providing Chinese interpretation and related extenstion services such as hotel booking and car rental, individual and group tour organization.

Consecutive Chinese Interpretation There are two kinds of interpretation: consecutive interpretation or simultaneous interpretation. The second one is mainly used for large scale conference or events (usually 100+ participants). Large majority of the interpretation is consecutive where speaker pauses and restart the speech after the interpretation of the previous sentences have been completed.

Travel & Transport

Our Chinese interpreters are based in Beijing and can arrange meeting with you anywhere in Beijing. Our interpreter can also travel with you to any city in China. Our Chinese interpretation service is charged either on an hourly basis or on daily basis. There will be no refund if the cancellation is less than 10 days before the scheduled date.

Contact us today for your Chinese interpretation needs.

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