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Highly qualified, professional and experienced Chinese Interpretation services assiting your most demanding media reporting needs during 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic.

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2008 Beijing Olympic is a big event. The whole world will be looking at Beijing, looking at China. While some people may have the privilege to be there and live that live Chinese experience, over billions of people will be counting on hard-working journalists and other media reporters (TV station, Radio, blogger).

An interesting and exciting assignment as it is, the barrier of the Chinese language may even make the most seasoned reporters feel intimidated. In many ways, their worry is justified. Mandarin language is hardly comparable to any western languages; The Spanish or the French you learned in school is not applicable in Beijing; On the other hand, Beijing Olympic is an extraordinary event which is happening in an extraordinary place, the audience is always there, good news! The bad news is that the audience is more and more educated and is becoming ever demanding.

The answer of the question starts with finding the right and qualified event interpreter. You don't need an amateurish personal tour guide or an incompetent personal interpreter who only aggravate the situation by making everything lost in translation! You certainly don't want to risk your time by hiring a College student who is still struggling passing the TOEFL test.

With Chinese Translation Pro, you can be confident that you are working with professionals. Our interpreters are highly qualified and experienced for important events like the Beijing Olympic. All our interpreters own post graduate degree and have native or near native fluency on English and Mandarin Chinese.

Our Chinese interpretation services are strictly tailored to the demanding business needs in the media field. We have had extensive and successful experience working with Fortune 500 companies in China, United States and Canada. We invite you to visit our "Testimonial" page to see what our clients have to say about our services.

We provide interpretation services on a project basis. Please contact us if you are interested in our Media Interpretation Services. Our expert Chinese interpretation services is offered in China, United States and Canada.