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If searching translation agencies one at a time is wasting too much of your valuable time, maybe it's time for you join what many other freelance translators have done successfully!

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Currently looking for freelance Chinese Interpreter in London, UK.

Must be native fluent in both Chinese and English, previous Chinese interpretation experience is a must, Please send resume and minimum two references are required.

Looking for freelance Chinese Interpreter in North America.

We are currently looking for professional Chinese/English interpreter in US and in Canada, especially these cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadlphia, Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas, Detroit, San Francisco, Washington DC, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa.

If you are interested, please e-mail us your cover letter and resume highlighting your previous interpretation and industry experience to Human Resources department:
No phone calls please.

Become one of our translators

Chinese Translation Pro is constantly looking for good freelance translators to join our highly professional team.

To work with us, you will need to have a solid mastery of Mandarin Chinese (Simplified/Traditional characters) and at least another foreign language, one year experience as translator, and a university degree or proven industry experience.

To apply, please submit your resume for consideration.
No phone calls please.


CTP (Chinese Translation Pro) 翻译社为北美最大且唯一专业于中文和英文的一家公司。 CTP在纽约和温哥华有分部。

CTP 现面向全中国招聘若干名中英文翻译,必须具有丰富的翻译经验,精通电脑以及文字排版软件(MS-Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe 软件),专业和文凭不限。 需深厚的中英文功底,无实际翻译经验免问。有翻译公司工作经验或海外工作学习生活经历者优先(请在简历上注明)

该工作为自由职业,无须到公司上班(目前在中国尚无办事处), 但必须有24小时宽带网络以及较新的个人电脑和常用软件。




仅面向以下城市:北京,上海, 广州,东莞,苏州,无锡,杭州。 条件同上,但必须具有超常流利的外语沟通能力;


熟练运用PHP/MySQL, Ajax, DHTML, Flash Photoshop,Fireworks和Flash,熟悉HTML源码和CSS,有网站制作经验优先。

负责工作:网站制作以及英文网站本地化(不负责翻译)。 应聘者请将简历发至本公司: