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If a person wanted to do a “Chinese English Translation” there is hundreds of different websites and programs on the internet to do so. I found several sites that are very easy to use and are very easy to understand, no matter what language a person speaks and is trying to translate. A “Chinese English Translation” is not as hard as I thought it would be. The hardest part is drawing the little figures that represent letters in the Chinese language. Some of the websites that I ran across make it very simple to do a” Chinese English Translation” no matter if you are doing a complete website, webpage or a paragraph or even writing a letter. Doing a “Chinese English Translation” is as simple with some of these sites as scanning and pasting the Chinese words into the websites area where you would type the words and hit the English translation button and then you have “Chinese English Translation”.

These websites are great for students that take a foreign language and have to translate the language into English. A person could tale a lap top and go to China and do a “Chinese English Translation “ on the notebook computer and communicate with a Chinese person by letting them read the typed words on the laptop. There are also hand held translators that can do “Chinese English Translation” that will fit in a person’s shirt pocket. The only draw back to this kind of automatic translator is that it is limited as to how much information and phrases can be stored in the unit. In other words it is limited in verses that a person can use. It will do enough “Chinese English Translation” to do simple communication with a Chinese speaking person but not enough to do an interview or to translate an entire conversation with that person.

A foreign student that comes from another country and has to take a class to speak English would benefit greatly from this type of website. A Chinese student that wanted to come to a school or college in the United States can now easily do “Chinese English Translation” to learn to speak our native language of English. “Chinese English Translation” is not the only language that can be translated. Just about every known major language that is used today can be translated from one language to another by the use of these websites and programs. Languages that use symbols to represent letters such as” Chinese English Translation” are a little harder because sooner or later the Chinese symbols will have to be written by a student of English trying to translate English into Chinese.

Chinese symbols for letters are very complex and are kind of hard to draw so that they can be recognized by the website translator program as a symbol for a word and not an art project! “Chinese English Translation” and any other language that uses symbols for words will be harder to translate than languages that us actual letters that just need to be wrote down and translated. I played around with different websites and typed English words and sentences into the dialogue boxes to see what sentences in a foreign language would look like. I was surprised at how easy it was to write a letter in English and have it translated into Russian or German and even Spanish. A person from another country that is applying for citizenship in the United States is required to speak a certain amount of correct English. These website programs should be required for foreign people to use that are learning to speak English in our immigration centers. Our country spends millions of dollars every month teaching foreign people that are trying to get citizen ship in our country English. To me it seems it would be a lot cheaper and a lot more proficient to put computers in the rooms that these people are being taught English in and let them use the translation programs to learn the English language. Doing a “Chinese English Translation” on these websites made me want to learn a foreign language and now I can do so without having to purchase a lot of books and video CD’s to learn at my own pace. I have seen complete programs with books and videos that cost upwards to $159.95 to learn a person a second language such as Spanish, French or German. Now with these programs free to use on the internet there is no excuse for a person that wants to learn another language to do so.