Chinese media monitoring

Chinese media monitoring

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Chinese Media Monitoring

Chinese media monitoring

Making due diligence a standard process to develop new business opportunities while protecting you and your stakeholders brand and reputation. Chinese Translation Pro offers Chinese media monitoring services to let you watching your company and your competitors' presence in the Chinese press.

We utilize advanced online searching strategies to identify the right information you need, the process is not automatic like many other Chinese media monitoring services. At Chinese Translation Pro, we are specialized in a niche called Mission Driven Media Monitoring or Purpose Driven Media Monitoring.

Our clients always have a very specific and short-term objective and call on our Chinese Media Monitoring services. Some of the media researches we have conducted are for a potential target company to be acquired; some are completed as part of the assessment process for adding a potential supplier, business partner, or a partner to be. Our trained analytical researchers (not computer programs) will perform thorough researches online and off-line focusing on the specific purpose and concerns. We then translate the findings and draft a exhaustive report at the end of a project that will serve as one of the key elements of our client's decision making process.

Our experienced researches put the traditional keyword-specific searches program at shame. There is no nonsense content ever be sent to you, so you can focus more on the important decision making instead of trying to deal with large quantity of useless information.

Want to know what the Chinese media is saying about your firm, your products, your brand and your competitors? Are you interested in learning what Chinese Internet bloggers are thinking about your company? Do you wish to learn about the social impacts of your brand? Want to know more about your partner, competitor? Are you planning to acquire a firm in China? Looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner, manufacture or supplier? Let us handle your Chinese media monitoring services in China and other Chinese speaking societies.

Interested in our Chinese media monitoring service? Please contact us for more details.