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You come to Chinese Translation Pro because you want to get accurate and reliable Chinese translation for your name. In fact, many Fortune 500 companies trused us to translate their company name or translate brands into Chinese. We translated many brand names for Tyco, Covidien, Dow Chemicals, Ecolab among others.

Chinese Translation Pro is highly specialized and recognized expert in the field of Chinese English translation. Chinese name translation may sound simple, but it takes experience and expertise to come up with the authetic translation. While translating a brand name may take a team of linguists several weeks and costs tens of thousands of dollars, the personal name translation is relatively less demanding.

You can leverage our rich exeprience in translating Chinese names by ordering your Chinese name translation today!

It costs as little as US $19.99 for a Chinese name translation.

Place your order and send us the name to be translated via e-mail to, you will receive your translated name in PDF within 24 hours!

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