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Edmonton English Chinese Translation and Interpretation by Tait

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


       English – native speaker.

       Mandarin Chinese – fluent.



       Bachelor's degree in business.

       Four years experience translating written text from Chinese to English.

       Over ten years of Chinese-language studies.

       Highly proficient in written English.



HSK Intermediate Certificate                                                                                October 2007

       Certificate states my Chinese level is at least high enough to attend a Chinese university.

Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction                                  September 2001-December 2005
University of Alberta                                                                                                                   

       Completed one semester of language and culture studies at Nanjing University.

       Earned five scholarships including the Business Development Bank of Canada Scholarship in Business which is awarded to a maximum of three students out of hundreds.


Translation/Localization Experience

Freelance English Chinese Translation                                                               June 2008-Date

       Translated written news articles with a total of over 90,000 words from Chinese to English.

       Translated business documents containing over 40,000 words from Chinese to English.

       Currently translating a video game from Chinese to English.

Nanjing Double Safety Trading Company                                                May 2004-June 2005

       Performed Chinese-English interpretation at business meetings.

       Advised on cross-cultural issues resulting in smoother negotiations.

       Translated e-mails and documents from English to Chinese.

Other Relevant Translation Experience

Marketing Executive                                                                             January 2008-June 2008
Canada Oil Magazine                                                                         Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

       Worked with clients to tailor advertisements to Chinese readers.

       Networked extensively with both Chinese and North American business people in the energy industry.

Translator                                                                                               December 2005-Present
Synotrip Inc.                                                                                                         Nanjing, China

       Researched and authored over one hundred articles on topics related to travel and life in China.

       Translated financial documents for Chinese shareholders and marketing materials for advertisers.

English Teacher                                                                                          June 2006-May 2007
Web International English                                                                                     Nanjing, China

       Prepared and presented over one hundred hour-long presentations in front of twenty to sixty Chinese students.

       Presented targeted lessons to students with diverse backgrounds and various English levels.


Areas of Expertise and Experience

       Business – Education and experience in marketing, finance, accounting, business law.

       Travel – Travelled to many cities within China. Own and operate successful travel website about China.

       IT - Experience with online marketing, various programming languages and many software programs.


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