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Chinese Conference translation (Simultaneous/consecutive)

Conference interpretation, some times also called conference translation or simultaneous interpretation is to interpret a speech from its source language and translate its semantic content into another language, and using the "target" vocabulary, sentence structure and grammar to achieve this purpose.

There are two types of interpreting, simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation. Chinese Translation Pro is specialized between English and Chinese, we can provide both simultaneous Chinese/English interpretation and consecutive Chinese English interpretation.

Simultaneous interpretation is often used in large scale meetings (300 + participants), while the consecutive interpretation is often more suitable for smaller meetings, including occasions such as banquets and official visits, where two or a maximum of three language are being used.

We can assit you with your Chinese English interpretation needs. Please contact us now and let our specialist to design the right interpretation services to your specific needs.

Chloe is our senior conference interpreter, you can see her conference interpretation