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Chinese English Conference Interpretation (Simultaneous/consecutive)

Senior Conference interpreter (English/Chinese) Chloe's resume

Interpretation related Education and interpreter Certificates:                                         
2006 Certificate for English Consecutive Interpretation
2006 Certificate for English Simultaneous Interpretation
Beijing Yuanpei Century Translation Co. Ltd

2005   Professional Corporate Coach Trainer Certificate Academy of Coach Training (USA)           Shanghai, China

2005    Certified Enneagram Trainer, Beyond Intelligence Institution Shanghai, China

Relevant Experience                                      
June 2006~   Consecutive and simultaneous Chinese interpreter                                               Beijing, China
  Present  Simultaneous and consecutive interpreter in various conferences, seminars, negotiations and etc.

  • Worked in events of international and ministry level, as well as highly professional seminars.
  • Mother tongue: Chinese. 5 years of experience living in Canada and 10 years in Guangdong Province.
  • Solid oral and grammatical foundation in Mandarin, English and Cantonese.
  • Systematic knowledge in simultaneous & consecutive interpreting.
  • Strong ability in retention and affluent experience in actual on-site interpretation.
  • Accurate and clear in pronunciation, swift in thinking.
  • A very broad range of interests and knowledge in many industries.
  • Good at dealing with unexpected situations, picky clients and pressure management.
  • Specialized area includes business & finance, politics & economics, arts & culture, advertising & mass media, IT & software industry, telecom, sports, education, human resource, psychotherapy, corporate coaching and more.

Conferences and Organizations Served

Politics / Economics / Business / Finance
AMCF Asia Leadership Forum (AMCF / Horizon Research and Consultancy Group)                     Simultaneous (Chinese/English)
The 6th International Business Leaders Conference (DAC Management Consulting Co.)                 Simultaneous (Chinese/English)
Seminar on the International Influence of Industrial Accidents (European Economic Committee)            Simultaneous (Chinese/English)
Risk Management in Corporate Financing and Loans (Inter-American Development Bank)              Simultaneous (Chinese/English)
International Corporate Social Responsibility Forum 2007 (Guangdong Commerce Academy)    Simultaneous/Consecutive (Chinese/English)
Seminar: Internationalization of Chinese Enterprises (Development Studies Center of the State Council)       Consecutive (Chinese/English)
The Logistics Resource Relocation Project (TCL Headquarter)                                     Consecutive (Chinese/English)
The 3rd International Commercial Intellect Application Forum (International Trade Promotion Committee)      Consecutive (Chinese/English)
CIHAF Investment and Finance Forum (International Commercial Real Estate Study Center)               Simultaneous (Chinese/English)
China International Sourcing Fair (Tianjin Government / Tianjin Commerce Alliance)          Simultaneous/Consecutive (Chinese/English)
Seminar on Risk Assessment in Credit Industry (Central Bank / Fair Isaac Beijing )                        Consecutive (Chinese/English)
China (Dong Guan) International Investment Pitch & Catch                                          Consecutive (Chinese/English)
Press Conference: SofiTel Brand Repositioning (Beijing Wanda Sofitel)                               Simultaneous (Chinese/English)
China International Beauty and Cosmetics Exhibition (CDKS)                                       Simultaneous (Chinese/English)
Asian Green Environment Product Forum (CPAA)                                          Simultaneous (Chinese/English)

Arts / Culture / Media 
The Corporate Collection Forum (UBS / National Art Museum of China)                            Simultaneous
Shanghai Film Festival 2007 (Organizing Committee of the Festival)                      Bilingual MC / Consecutive
Synthetic Times -- Media Art China 2008 (National Art Museum of China)                             Consecutive
Exhibition: Map Games (Beijing Today Art Museum / Officina)                                    Consecutive
Exhibition: Today Documents (Beijing Today Art Museum)                                       Simultaneous
Seminar: Chinese Contemporary art in Today's International Art Market (Central Academy for Fine Arts)     Consecutive
Art In America Tour Exhibition 2007 (Guggenheim Museum/National Art Museum of China/Shanghai Museum)     SI / CI
Asian Art Festival 2006 (Ministry of Culture)                                                     Consecutive
Asian Art Museum Directors Forum 2006 (National Art Museum of China)                   Simultaneous/Consecutive
Corresponding and Responding - Sino-America Art Forum (NAMOC / Scene Sense Culture Dev. Center)      Consecutive
Sino-Denmark Television Media Seminar (News and Media Study Center, China Social Science Academy)     Consecutive
The 7th Internet Multimedia Forum (Shanghai TransPower Institute)                                   Simultaneous
AND symposiums, opening/closing ceremonies, work meeting interpreting and etc.

IT / Science and Technology 
E-governance Development and Promotion Symposium (Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Control)  SI
OOo 2008: The World Open Source Conference ( International Community)              Simultaneous
The International Standard Conference 2008 (Changfeng League Beijing)                   Simultaneous
Interactive ICT in Education Application forum (Ministry of Education / BLWCL Britain)                 Consecutive
Seminar on International Urban Informatization (Ministry of Information Industry)                      Simultaneous
Information Resource Development and Application Forum (China Information Resource Net)   Simultaneous/Consecutive
E-business Conference 2007 (China E-business Association)                             Simultaneous/Consecutive
Microsoft & Haier Collaboration Project [long term] (Microsoft China / Haier)                          Consecutive
ENPC Domestic Network Handover Ceremony (China Telecom / Emerson)                              Consecutive
Long term Executive Meeting Interpretation (China Telecom)                                 Consecutive
Credit System Software Training Program (Fair Isaac China)                                         Consecutive
China International Phonic Electronic Exhibition (Shenzhen Commerce Alliance)                      Simultaneous
AND negotiations, interviews, software training interpretation and etc.

Doha Asian Games 2006 (Organizing Committee)                                     Simultaneous / Consecutive
China Forum on the Physical Health of Youth 2007 (China Youth League)                               Consecutive
Sunny Sports Promotion Events (China Youth League)                                              Consecutive

Business Meetings
Sustainable Development and Utilization of the Land Resources Forum (Sino-Germany Center)  Simultaneous/Consecutive
Corowell Buy-out Project (DM Investment Consulting Co. Ltd.)                                     Consecutive
Marc Jacobs Boutique Design Project (Marc Jacobs Chinese Distributors)                               Consecutive
Anta Spring 08 Sellout Meeting (Anta Headquarter)                                                 Consecutive
DMC France Annual Business Negotiation (DMC France)                                          Consecutive
GATX Railway Transportation Service China Plan (GATX / US Embassy)                              Consecutive
Katan Investment Project in Tianjin (Katan Group New York)                                         Consecutive
Bingo Project in China (Gala Coral, UK / China Welfare Lottery)                                     Consecutive
Olympic Instant Lottery Ticket Project (Scientific Games / China Sports Lottery)                         Consecutive
AND business negotiations, interviews, tele-interpreting, and etc.

Market Surveys
BMW New SUV Design (BMW China)                                                        Simultaneous
Buick New Mini Passenger Vehicle Design (Buick China)                                          Simultaneous
Buick New Sedan Design (Buick China)                                                       Simultaneous
Volkswagen New Sedan Design (Volkswagen China)                                              Simultaneous
Creative Snack Survey (Bimbo Food China)                                                      Simultaneous
Safeguard New Fragrant Soap Survey (P&G China)                                             Simultaneous
Nestle Coffee Taste Survey (Nestle China)                                                  Simultaneous
Luxury Product Survey Project (Sino Trust / AC Neilson HK)                                        Simultaneous

Psychology & Psychotherapy / Human Resource / Corporate Coaching 
2nd International Training Camp - Family Constellation (Hellinger, Germany)                           Simultaneous
Training Camp: Learning Hypnosis with Betty A. Ericson (Shenzhen Neway Institute)                  Consecutive
Earthquake Psycho-Aid Program - Volunteer Training Workshop (Shenzhen Neway Institute)              Consecutive
Conflict Management Workshop - Tucker Feller (Chengdu Neway Institute)                       Consecutive
Intimate Relationship Management Workshop - Tucker Feller (Chengdu Neway Institute)                   Consecutive
Nero-Linguistic Programming Workshop - Nick LeForce (Shenzhen Neway Institute)                     Consecutive
Hypnotherapy Workshop- Nick LeForce (Chengdu Neway Institute)                     Consecutive
Corporate Coaching Licensing Program (Academy of Coach Training, USA)                   Consecutive / Translator
Sino-Italia Psychotherapy for PWDs symposium (Ministry of Education / Italian Embassy)                  Consecutive
WHO ICF System Promotion (Ministry of Education)                                               Consecutive
Psychotherapy Training Program (Shenzhen Dynamic Energy Institute / KAPA Academy, Sweden)          Consecutive
International Corporate Coaching Forum 2005 (Shanghai Beyond Intelligence Institution)                  Consecutive