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Chinese interpretation over the phone

Most convenient and economical way to bridge the language and geographical barrier between English and Chinese - interpretation over the phone.

Need to talk with your Chinese supplier or customer, but unfortunately they don't speak English? We provide you with the covenient and the most economical solution - Chinese Translation Pro's Phone Interpretation services.

Unlike traditional interpreters, a phone interpreter doesn't need to be physically present at your location, thus reduce the cost of transportation and the time lost during commute... We pass this savings to you! Use our phone interpreter services will save you at least 50% of your interpretation cost.

The second reason to use our Chinese phone interpreter services is that we can provide you with superior services. Before the phone call, our professional interpreter will spend all necessary time to understand thoroughly your forthcoming conversation. All researches will be done at this stage to insure that we can better serve your needs during the actual phone call.

Even though we say "Chinese interpretation over-the-phone", in fact it doesn't have to be a telephone. We can use VoIP technology such as Skype which will allow a video and voice conference call. The sound quality often surpasses that of a traditional phone!

Our phone interpretation service is available 24 hours. Our phone interpreters are experienced Chinese interpreters with advanced degrees in various fields such as finance, business negotiation, legal, medical.

Your phone interpretation service can be guaranteed with as little as 24 hours notice.


Inbound $4.45/minute (Option 2 - Refer to the chart on the left side)
Outbound $4.45/minute (Option 1 - Refer to the chart on the left side)

Click the above "Buy Now" button and pay the Minimum Order of as low as $89 to book a Chinese Phone Interpretation session!

1. The minimum charge is as low as $89 for the most professional Chinese interpretation services over the phone;

2. No appointment can be confirmed or guaranteed in any way before the minimum payment is fully paid via the above "Buy Now" button;;

3. Once received your minimum payment, an interpreter will be assigned and he/she is guaranteed to be available to provide you phone interpretation services at the indicated time.

4. The minimum charge will NOT be credited or refunded if the schedule is changed, cancelled or postponed within 24 hour notice. We will not provide refund/credit if one party is NOT available, can't be reached, or constant busy line at the prearranged time;

5. All telecommunication charges and taxes are included, if applies.

If you wish to know more or have questions about our Chinese teleconference interpretation service, please contact us.