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The nation of South Korea has recovered significantly since the political turmoil of the 1950s and 1960s, and is now one of Asia’s most upwardly mobile economic powerhouses, alongside Japan, and trailing China.

Korea has a large industrial base, and also a large export and import volume, and is known for its large export of animation work, video game design and programming, and also its unique and various cuisines.

The United States has seen a significant increase of Korean immigration in recent years, allowing Americans to experience a diverse and rich culture up close that previously they could not. With its growing presence on the global market, and the closer-knit community between all the peoples of the world that has resulted from the internet and its various implications, there is a growing need for the facilitation of Korean translation into English and other languages.

While this language is not nearly as daunting in most peoples’ eyes as Chinese seems to be, the Korean language is still a unique language very dissimilar to English. Korean translation therefore is a lot more complicated than translating between Spanish and English, for example.

When comparing Asian languages for similarities amongst themselves, the syntax of Korean can be concluded to be vaguely similar to Japanese in pattern and grammar, but only to a level of tolerance. In Korean translation one of the hurdles to cross is the writing system, which is more similar to Chinese than it is to Japanese, but again the similarities stop quickly beyond a quick glance for comparison.

Like other translation scenarios, there are a few different methods available to facilitate Korean translation, and the appropriate one depends on the gravity and scope of the situation at hand. It is best to state examples, and what their solution is and why.

For the everyday English speaker who happens upon a Korean television show, piece of writing or website, or wishes to search for a Korean phrase they know only in English, then free online automated translators are good for this level of Korean translation.

If the individual plans to travel to Korea, or is pursuing a Korean as a dating potentiality or as a friend and wishes to express an interest in the culture and get the right footing for learning or mutual communication, then travel books or online travel guides for simple Korean translation are an ideal solution to this problem.

However, the scope gets larger here. For international business transactions and the like, it would be disrespectful to use translation software or little quickie guides for Korean translation, due to the fact that the resultant translations are going to sound, in a word, horrible. It will give the appearance that the business or professional in question is either lazy, cheap, or being blatantly disrespectful of another culture and language that have existed for well over two thousand years.

This is where professional Korean translation services are more highly recommended, and due to the gravity of situations that require them, coupled with the work and resources needed therein, are a bigger investment.

With professional, human-powered Korean translation, a fluent Korean speaker will translate between the English and Korean parties in a fluent, natural organic way that will express the statements made to both parties as if an actual person were speaking, not a computer that speaks like a five year old.

As stated previously, however, Korean translation on a professional level is more expensive (where some of the other services cost only electricity and an internet connection). This in mind, they are mainly ideal for situations where continuing communication between English and Korean speakers are going to occur, or large, expensive business deals are going to be overseen where the money spent is more than made up for.

With Korea’s continuing involvement in world affairs, anyone who speaks Korean fluently and can speak another language equally well is sitting on an opportunity for a good and stable career in the field of Korean translation, which will always be a needed profession so long as the Korean language exists.

For those interested in finding translation guides, lessons in Korean translation, or links to the best Korean translation services available, one does not have to look very far.

A quick search on the internet for Korean translation will reveal lots of blogs and articles on the subject which can inform the user about the nature and history of the great nation of Korea as well as how the language works, and where one may encounter it internationally. Also, in the results of a search for Korean translation, one will find ratings sites that rank the best Korean translation firms and individual professionals, one of whom is guaranteed to serve the purpose at hand.