China CRO - Clinical Trials in China

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China CRO - Clinical Trials in China

A Contract Research Organization, also referred as a Clinical Research Organization, (CRO) is a service organization that provides support to another pharmaceutical/biotech firm.

A CRO can offer contracted researches in many fields including product development, formulation and manufacturing; clinical trial research; Toxicology, and clinical laboratory services for processing trial samples; and many other complementary services.

The existence of CRO is a pure product of modern economics dictating the cost efficiency associated with increased specialization. As drug development is a lengthy and costly process, it's difficult, costly and impractical for one organization to be in charge of the whole process leading to FDA approval.

Among all regions, China is one of the most popular CRO market since it made it's timid debut merely 20 years ago. There are numerous factors associated with this success. But James McClurg, Ph.D., has an interesting explanation to that "The Chinese authorities have brought pharmaceutical regulations forward 20 years in the past six. That is an impressive feat," Mr. McClurg is vice president and CSO at MDS Pharma Services, a Canadian clinical research organization (CRO) with an office in Beijing.

The right regulation surely helps, but more importantly there are other factors contribute to the attraction of China's CROs, such as large pool of well educated scientists, improving intellectual Property protections, low cost of drug development, large patient pool/disease resources, less stringent regulations associated with clinical trials, over 300 CROs (the number is increasing...).

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