Chinese translation - Non Profit Organization Discount.

Chinese translation - Non Profit Organization Discount.

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Chinese translation - Non Profit Organization

Chinese Translation - Non Profit Organization Discount

Countless of Non-profit Organizations in the world are making the world a better place to live, we want to contribute to these efforts by providing cheaper, more affordable Chinese English translation services.

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Non-profit organizations, like any other business, need to reach a broad audience for one reason or another. However due to funding challenges, many non-profit organizations simply can't afford to hire translation services. Chinese Translation Pro is glad to extend our non-profit discount program to all qualified Non-profit organizations*.

We also regularly provide Free Chinese Translation to a selected group of organizations and projects that we take interest or participate as a member. We invite you to submit your project for consideration.

If you have a document to be translated, please send it to us for price quote: and mentioning Non-profit discount program.

If you wish to know more or have questions about our Chinese Translation discount program for Non-profit organizations, please contact us.

Please inquire about our Chinese website translation services, it's also referred to as Chinese website localization.

We also provide Chinese meeting translation, Chinese interpretation, Chinese English phone interpretation.