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Shanghai Chinese Translation and Interpretation Services

Shanghai Chinese Interpretation
for businessmen and businesswomen

These services are suitable for business people who need professional bilingual assistance:

  • at business meetings
  • for site visits
  • business negotiations
  • seminars and conferences
  • personal shopping
  • doctor visits
  • legal issues
  • in Shanghai and all over China

Languages: English, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian .

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation:

There are two kinds of Interpretation: simultaneous or consecutive. In simultaneous Chinese interpretation, the interpreter is interpreting as the speaker speaks, while in consecutive interpretation, the speaker pauses for the interpreter to interpret.
Both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation refers to the oral communication. We can also offer written translation services at your request.

Consecutive Chinese Interpretation:

Consecutive Chinese interpretation is mostly done by one interpreter. Your interpreter can come to your hotel or offices in Shanghai or other cities in China, to provide you with interpretation services for your business and/or personal needs; You may need an interpreter for business purposes, or to interpret meetings with a lawyer, a doctor, a friend or a client… You may require help with shopping or dealing with an administrative problem. We can offer you translation help in any such situation.

Once we have an idea of your requirements we will find the most qualified person to do the job. We have competent professionals in English and French covering most industries.

We welcome last minute project! We strongly encourage you to book in advance to guarantee availability for your Chinese interpretation needs.


We are based in Shanghai, our interpreters can come to any city in China or travel with you. We can also arrange transport for you.

An interpreter can be hired at hourly basis or daily basis. There will be no refund if the service is canceled less than 10 days before the service.

Contact us for your Chinese interpretation needs:

Phone (Shanghai): 131-2247-9677 | USA & Canada (Toll Free): (866)-777-0467


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