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Chinese Translation Pro(CTP) Singapore is the provider of permier Chinese translations. CTP Singapore is proud of it's customer centered and satisfaction guaranteed English Chinese translation services in Singapore and around the world.

When you are working with CTP Singapore for your Chinese translation needs, you are certain to receive the best quality translation. Besides, we can provide following guarantees:

Cost Competitiveness : Our network of translators are based in several countries across the globe, this allow us to better manage our translation tasks and gain in the economy of scale, we pass on attractive rates to all our clients.

Confidentiality: We vow to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your documents;

On time delivery: When you let CTP Singapore to translate your document from English to Chinese or Chinese to English, we don't let you down. We deliver always before deadline. We know you are counting on us to deliver the translation on time, we never let you down.

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