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Chinese website translationOne out of five people in the world speaks Chinese. Don't want to miss over 2 billion increasingly affluent Chinese speaking market? It's time to think about translating your website into Chinese? Chinese Translation Pro has the professional language skills, cultural insight and technical background helping you reach your audience.

We are expert in translating websites and adapting them to Chinese speaking markets. In addition to professionally translating your content, our customers benefit from our rich and successful track record in the field of search engine optimization (SEO).

Do you know that website localization is not limited to the translation of viewable content? It should include the Error messages, pop-up alerts and HTML Meta elements like page titles, search keywords, page descriptions and "alt" tags. All these may be easily ignored, however they are extremely important to properly localize them to ensure visitors follow the correct online path and to make your website Search Engine friendly. We can also handle the translation of all images and graphics.

We have the expertise and experience to understand what has to be done and the best way to do it. With Chinese Translation Pro you are guaranteed that your Chinese speaking audience will feel right at home.

Contact us today to get a price quote for translating your website into Chinese.

Examples of our work:
Law Office (English) - Law Office (Chinese)
Trace Foundation (English) - Trace Foundation (Chinese)

Image courtesy of D. Krausz Office.

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